Keep Your Home Safe From Overhanging Branches

Hire the pros for your tree removal in Palestine, TX

Don't wait until disaster strikes to deal with overhanging branches or dangerous trees. Call the experts at Porras Tree Removal to stop tree problems before they can damage your property. We also offer emergency tree removal and storm damage cleanup services to haul away trees that have fallen.

To get tree removal services in Palestine, TX, contact us today at 903-724-2743. We'll come to your home, provide a free estimate and schedule a time to get to work.

Which trees should be removed?

Though it might be hard to say goodbye to a tree that has been on your property for years, there are situations where tree removal is necessary to maintain safety on your property. You should remove your tree if it:

  • Is damaged and in danger of falling
  • Is old, rotted or dead
  • Has large branches that hang over your home
  • Appears to have structural issues

If any of your trees fall under these categories, schedule a free consultation. If the tree has already fallen, call us immediately for emergency tree removal.