Trust Your Local Tree Experts With Your Yard

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At Porras Tree Removal, we understand that your trees are an important part of your yard. That's why our locally owned and operated tree company offers comprehensive services to home and business owners in Palestine, TX.

To set up recurring tree services with a licensed, insured and certified company, contact us today.

We'll take care of your property

As a professional tree company, we offer a range of services to deal with any tree-related problem. This includes:

  • Tree removal: When we remove a tree, it'll be like it was never there. We will cut down and haul away any tree on your property.
  • Stump grinding: Our experts grind stumps down to the roots and cover up the hole to promote your lawn's natural recovery.
  • Tree trimming: We can trim back unruly trees, cut branches that are growing near power lines and remove dead limbs.

If you would like to request any of these services, call us today at 903-724-2743.

Our process in 4 easy steps

We follow a process for all of our jobs to provide you with the best possible tree services for your needs. The process is as follows:

1. You call us and describe the work you need done. We take down your phone number and address.
2. We schedule a free, in-person estimate on your property, usually the next day after initial contact.
3. We assess the property, take note of what needs to be done and provide you with a price.
4. Once a price is agreed upon, we will schedule and carry out the job.

This allows us to fully assess the scale of the job and work with you to get exactly what you need.

Best tree service in East Texas.

Jonathan Weaver


I've used this company twice. They are a well oiled team. Each person has a particular job to do and they are excellent in their work. They not only work well together but also interact w the customer promptly. I very highly recommend them!!

Linda Swanson